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"I use thumbroll before class to prepare for dissections, during class to make sure I’m on track with the dissection, & after class to review before exams & quizzes."
Gina rhee
MS-3, Washington University School of Medicine
"thumbroll is uniquely tailored to be useful in the fast-paced environment of medicine. It has truly been the best educational companion for performing procedures during medical school and now in residency."
Farah Musharbash, MD
PGY-1, Orthopaedic Surgery, The Johns Hopkins Hospital
"It may seem like we, as trainees, derive the most benefit from thumbroll, but to some extent, the learning we do from this app helps improve patient care as well!”
Alexander Aabedi
MS-3, UCSF School of Medicine
“The first time I used thumbroll was when I had been called to a patient's room to put in a central line. I remember being in an elevator, I quickly pulled up thumbroll, flipped through, and thought ‘gosh, I feel so much better now having just looked at it.' "
Emily Jean Onufer, MD MPH
Lab Resident, General Surgery, Washington University School of Medicine

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