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What is thumbroll?

thumbroll helps healthcare trainees, residents, and professionals learn the step-by-step process of skills & procedures, using the universal language of images. Content ranges from how to perform physical exams to surgical knot-tying to laparoscopic hernia repairs. thumbroll is a quick, simple, and reliable way to refresh your memory before gross anatomy dissections, while studying in the library, during rotations, and even while running through the hospital.  thumbroll is with you in your phone or tablet wherever and whenever you need a quick refresher.


Who creates the content?

thumbroll content is created by the experts. Faculty at top-ranked institutions work alongside trainees to ensure the utmost accuracy, quality, and simplicity. Furthermore, we provide full transparency as to who creates the content and from where it comes; each module showcases its author and his/her institution. You can trust you are getting content from the most acclaimed instructors. All learners worldwide deserve access to the best possible training. On thumbroll, now they get it.

How is the thumbroll technology unique?

thumbroll’s patent-protected technology exists to optimize the learning process. Each user has a highly personalized experience by rolling through modules at his/her own pace. You are able to focus on the areas where you need extra attention. As an added bonus, you actively engage with and absorb material more effectively as you roll through each module (rather than passively watching a video and trying to learn by osmosis). Each module is created with a single focal point to limit distraction, allowing you to see one element evolve over time. Trainees in all medical disciplines and specialties are rolling their way to proficiency with thumbroll.

What content do you have on thumbroll?

Today, there are 250+ skills and procedures live on thumbroll. Specialties include: Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, General Surgery, Gross Anatomy, and more. Our team is always publishing new content and adding to our growing library. If there is anything specific you want to see, please email us and we’ll make it happen:

Who else is using thumbroll?

thumbroll is being used by healthcare trainees, residents, and professionals in 100+ U.S. programs, 90+ countries, and 1,500+ cities around the world. MD, DO, RN, OT, PT, PA, and other trainees and professionals are all using thumbroll as a quick refresher.

How is thumbroll more effective than a video?

thumbroll modules are quick, simple, and can be seen in seconds. thumbroll only showcases critical steps and removes all the excess information found in long videos. This way, rather than spending your time scavenging through 5, 10, or 20 minute long videos, you can come to thumbroll and quickly locate the desired step(s). Content is curated, excess information is removed, and you’re handed a simple and condensed package for a quick refresher.

How do I get thumbroll at my institution, program, or practice?

Get it touch! Email the thumbroll team at and we’ll make it happen. We’re here to help.

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